Austrian brand
Quality since 1984
In more than 20 countries

40 years of experience & success

TZS First Austria – Good quality. Honest price.

The Austrian family business Timetron has stood for solid quality for decades and is currently conquering the European online trade under the quality label TZS First Austria with versatile household appliances as well as beauty and haircare products.

The household in good hands: TZS First Austria offers everything you need for a functioning everyday life at home. With a comprehensive portfolio of over 400 products, the established brand offers solid quality articles at fair prices and also acts as a trustworthy retailer for customers throughout Europe.


People should be able to afford good quality. Timetron was founded with this vision in Vienna in 1980 - a time when there was a glaring shortage of affordable consumer goods, especially in Eastern Europe. In cooperation with selected producers, the idea of affordable quality products was realised and expanded step by step in the B2B sector. First in the whole of Eastern Europe, since 2010 also in Western Europe.

Fair pricing

What was true then is still the principle of the two owners Jona Solomon and Jair Zelmanovics today: "Why should people pay twice as much for a product of equal value just because an overpriced global brand is shown? That is not right. Our products are aimed at people who do not want to afford senseless overpricing."

Expansion of online trade

On the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary in 2020, the next significant step for the future of the company followed: B2C sales in Western Europe. Numerous First Austria products have since achieved Amazon best rankings and top customer ratings in their product categories. "The consistently positive reviews confirm to us that people are satisfied with the quality of our products," says owner Jair Zelmanovics. "Soon our products will be listed on all major online retail platforms across Western and Eastern Europe." Selected products will also be available for end customers in the in-house online shop from 2021.

Green transport routes

The direct supply chains without middlemen have another positive effect: the company's Co2 footprint has improved massively. "We are pleased that we can make such an important contribution to improving the environment."


Foundation Timetron Warenhandelsges.m.b.H / B2B Production & Distribution Eastern Europe


Expansion B2B Sales Eastern Europe


Foundation of Major Brand TZS First Austria


Generation Change Owners with Jona Solomon & Jair Zelmanovics


Foundation Timetron Morocco SARL & Timetron Bulgaria LTD


Foundation of TZS First E-Commerce GmbH


Anniversary 40 years Timetron & over 25 years Major Brand First Austria / Start B2C trade Western Europe


Expansion B2C trade Western Europe